Namehero Vs Bluehost

By | August 1, 2022

As with this Namehero vs bluehost comparison, both hosts offer some special features that differ from each other. In this NameHero vs Bluehost guide, I’ll do a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of Bluehost and NameHero web hosting services. From what I gathered, Bluehost was ranked 42nd and NameHero was ranked 4th in the cheapest WordPress hosting provider category.

NameHero and Bluehost differ in terms of storage, toolbar, speed, ranking, demographic adoption, SSL certification, and web hosting plans. In both features and price, NameHero outperforms Bluehost, where a free domain doesn’t make up for the lack of backup, security, and speed. Here’s how NameHero ranks against SiteGround, Hostgator, A2 Hosting, and Bluehost. NameHero uses LiteSpeed ​​servers that are faster than Apache Bluehosts servers. Both offer LiteSpeed ​​web servers, but only NameHero uses LiteSpeed ​​for all of its shared hosting plans. Instead, A2 Hosting only uses LiteSpeed ​​for A2 Hosting’s “Turbo Boost” and “Turbo Max” plans. NameHero offers LiteSpeed ​​on all of their plans, unlike HostArmada or A2 Hosting which reserve it for higher tier plans.

Usage refers to A2 Hosting using Apache as A2 Hosting’s standard plan, inferior to NameHero in my opinion. LiquidWeb offers basically the same price as Bluehost, but includes more features in these plans. higher renewal prices than FastComets’ three shared cloud plans. Also, Bluehost mostly doesn’t offer hosting products (though Bluehost does offer managed WordPress plans) and LiquidWeb doesn’t offer simple shared web hosting plans. Your resources are always much more private than those offered by Bluehosts unmanaged sharing or WordPress web hosting plans. Speaking of subdomains, NameHero hosting comes with no limits, while Bluehost hosting also includes unlimited domains for Bluehost plans, with the exception of the basic web hosting plan.

It’s pretty much everything you’d expect from another shared hosting plan on offer: NameHero. While Bluehost is more popular, NameHero offers faster hosting at a similar price using LiteSpeed ​​servers + NVMe SSDs. Even comparing CPU/RAM to Bluehosts VPS plans, NameHero is cheaper and you get more resources with faster NVM. Even comparing NameHero Managed Cloud VPS plans to Bluehosts, almost all NameHero plans offer multiple CPU cores (and they all use NVMe, MariaDB, and PHP-FPM).

The higher NameHeros Turbo Cloud and Business plans use NVMe SSDs, which have faster read/write speeds, faster data transfers, and lower latency than the slower SSDs used on Bluehost. In fact, NameHero is better than many reputable hosts like Bluehost, HostGator, etc. VERDICT = So in this meeting between Namehero and Bluehost, Bluehost is the clear winner when it comes to pricing, renewal rates, free domain , optimized WordPress hosting and Bluehost reputation.

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