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By | June 2, 2022

Convesio Dashboard I am going to take a couple minutes and do a quick overview of all of the features and functions, then, you will be able to set up your first website really fast using Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio So, first things first, lets set up a new website by clicking on New Site. Below is a review on how to setup a WordPress managed site in Convesio, then, instructions are divided in a couple sections so that you have easy access. Without any technical knowledge, Convesio allows you to customize a website independently on a hosting service. Convesio is able to host business and eCommerce sites, handle traffic, and get you the best features out there.

Convesio provides an outstanding host experience to its users, as opposed to other types of hosting services. It offers cheap managed WordPress hosting plans, featuring automatic scaling and self-healing server features not found in other popular hosting sites. The best WordPress hosting, Convesio has outstanding features that separate it from its competitors, like auto-updates, fast, reliable service, fast performance, and a free domain registration with each plan purchased (no matter how many domains). It uses Docker container technology and scaleable CDN networks to deliver site content from different locations around the globe at warp speeds, guaranteeing your website loads quickly for all of your customers, regardless of their location.

The primary difference between the best WordPress Hosting Service by Convesio and the rest of managed WordPress Hosting is its deployment of Docker containers, which is the emerging technology behind Web Hosting, which can self-scale, split up, and patch servers. Docker container technology is specially built to enable customers to scale WordPress without requiring server administrators. Optimize services built on Docker platforms also dramatically increase page speed and scores. Convesio uses Docker containers in the fastest cloud platforms (Google Cloud, AWS, and Steadfast) to deliver you dependable hosting services.

Convesio is the company behind the next-generation hosting services, also offering managed hosting services for businesses. Born from founder Tom Fanellis quest to find a managed hosting solution for his design agency, Convesio offers features and tools designed with creative and digital businesses in mind, from high availability and zero points of failure, to automated backups, to a central dashboard for managing all your clients sites from one place. Convesio is the first self-healing, automated, platform-as-a-service for building and managing WordPress sites. Promoted as the first self-healing, automated, platform as a service to create and manage WordPress sites, Convesio wants to do things differently than other managed WordPress hosting companies.

Convesio allows for highly performant hosting, thanks to unlimited access to your WordPress websites. If you are amongst the people looking for powerful, ultra-fast hosting of your WordPress sites, Convesio could be the perfect solution for you. Another thing worth noting is that with Convesio, you cannot just buy the hosting and start working.

Since Convesio handles hosting for you, you may not have much of a need to perform much work on your Convesio dashboard anyway. While creating a WordPress install is easy, the rest of the dashboard is not as straightforward to understand as you might expect (unless you are technically inclined on the subject). The best WordPress hosting service, Convesios Essential Support Package includes help migrating your site from another WordPress hosting, installing WordPress, managing webpages, hiding IP details, configuring a single server, loading the website, setting up the database cluster, setting up an SSL certificate, and navigating through the control panel.

They also offer robust security features, fast servers for fast web hosting, 30-day free trial, 1-click WordPress installation, various easy-to-use apps, and multiple levels of hosting services suited for different consumers. Convesio uses custom PHP, Percona, GlusterFS implementations for running high-performance WordPress sites.


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