Best Managed WordPress Hosting Canada

By | June 2, 2022

HostPapa is a Canadian Hosting Provider offering various solutions including managed WordPress Hosting in Canada. A2 Hosting offers fantastic services of high-performance, high-performance web hosts and WordPress hosts in Canada, as well as Canadian Reseller Hosting. Web Hosting Canada is our preferred WordPress hosting, 100% Canadian hosted provider (we are talking about the location of their headquarters, data centers, support, and currencies). Web Hosting Canada offers several types of hosting options, including their WordPress Hosting Plan — which is considered one of their best offerings.

After comparing features for the best managed WordPress hosting plans, we strongly recommend Liquid Web. Since I use WordPress blogs as the main part of my business for years, I had to work with and evaluate several web hosting options. If none of the top eight seems exactly right, you may want to look at more recommendations in our best web hosting guide. Do I Need Managed WordPress Hosting?A managed WordPress solution makes hosting a blog or online business much easier.

Since so many websites are started with WordPress, having a web host specializing in WordPress is beneficial. Now, you can launch a WordPress website on any web host, but for this post, I focused on providers who offer WordPress web hosting. Wpoven offers fully managed WordPress web hosting services, which offers a unique, highly optimized platform to help your WordPress website to grow.


If you do not want a fully managed WordPress plan, check out InterServer, or check out our best WordPress hosting services guide for other recommendations. Can I get managed WordPress hosting for free?You will have a tough time finding an always- free managed WordPress plan that is not a scam. It is possible to do it yourself, but that is time-consuming, and requires some serious technical know-how.What is the difference between managed WordPress hosting and normal shared hosting?Hosts offering managed WordPress plans will handle server configuration and software maintenance for you. If you have a larger site, a managed hosting provider is a great option, as they will handle all technical aspects of your site.

If you hosted your WordPress website on a normal host, then you would have to handle all of the tasks of managing the site. Regular Hosting In a Regular Hosting, you will be provided with a cPanel via which you can install any CMS you choose, and you will be responsible to handle all the tasks of your websites. This kind of web hosting helps to manage your website on your behalf and provides additional services like interactive dashboard, high-level security, automated backups, and automated WordPress updates installation.

WordPress is so popular, that many top web hosting companies now offer a product that is geared towards hosting WordPress sites exclusively. In an effort to bring more users on board, top hosting companies started offering products and features that are geared specifically toward WordPress websites, like 1-click installs and handy plugins. While Google Cloud offers free WordPress hosting in Australia and Canada, you may need to buy paid plans for different extra features. While the WordPress plans from Dreamhost are excellent, we would recommend taking advantage of platform-specific DreamPress services, as they offer extra WordPress features such as SSD hosting, unlimited disk space, and an excellent money-back guarantee with 97 days.

DreamHosts Shared Starter Plan includes a shared hosting server, a single WordPress site, unlimited traffic, a 1-click SSL certificate, fast SSD storage, 24/7 support, and the option to add email. If you want a cheaper option for hosting more than one website, Web Hosting Canada also offers generic Shared plans starting from only $3.92 Canadian dollars a month (with promotional pricing) for unlimited websites and storage. What is the best Canadian web hosting service?If you are a beginner who is starting out, then you should opt for A2 Hosting as their hosting services are inexpensive and packed with great features, plus your sites will be hosted in Canadian data centres.

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