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By | June 4, 2022

I have provided a review of what AWSs free usage tier contains, as well as some basic guidelines to avoid incurring overage fees when using the free tier for hosting a small website. A few months back, I wrote a response to Quora on the topic of how much hosting costs are in AWS for WordPress and WooCommerce, depending on your web app/websites purpose and type. I hope that the post helped you to understand how website hosting costs with AWS are affected by your choice of operating system, database type, and pricing model.

In this post, I am going to examine different pricing models Amazon offers for both EC2 instances and RDS EC2 instances, and I am going to give an estimate for hosting four different configurations of websites over the course of one year. It is crucial to delineate AWS hosting costs by traffic, the website codebase size (WordPress), and number of websites/apps hosted on a single server (EC2 instance). Fortuitously, in this very blog, you will find — while basing my experiences on this — the AWS hosting costs involved in each site feature, as well as business cases.

For this high-level configuration (highly scaled, highly available, and redundancy WordPress), AWS hosting costs would come in at about $150-400 USD. A dynamic site running WordPress in a spare instance using CloudFormation would cost only about $6 USD/month.

For this scenario, where you have a few lightweight websites, you might be fine with a smaller AWS instance (t2.small instance), which can cost about $16-20 USD a month — including storage and bandwidth. For someone in this scenario, you can take an average AWS instance (server) with 2 CPUs and 4 RAM. AWS server capacities vary, but you may want BIG servers, like an XLARGE instance for your database, and an XLARGE instance for your Web server. Initially, it requires 1 instance of database (AWS RDS) and 1 of web server (instance) of a reasonable capacity; this means 2 mid-sized instances.

It is easier to host a static site in AWS S3, including SSL certificate for HTTPS, CDN for faster delivery, and caching, and costs a little less, until you have lots of traffic. You can use Amazon AWS to host a static website with only seven steps, taking about 30 minutes. While hosting websites is definitely something that AWS can do, it is worth noting that AWS offers other types of hosting as well.

If you are a business looking for the best hosting solution possible for your site, Amazon AWS is an excellent option. You will be getting the best website hosting solution possible, which is capable of handling the latest needs of the demanding site. Knows is the reason that Amazon AWS provides cloud-based web hosting solutions which businesses, government organizations, and others can avail. Whether or not they mention it explicitly, many web hosting companies are using big cloud computing services such as AWS for part or all of their infrastructure.

Most of the best web hosting services are based on AWS at least somewhat, and many are essentially simply retailers of AWS services. Out of all of the cloud hosting providers available now, setting up a WordPress site on Amazon is among the more expensive, time-consuming options. If you are setting up your first site, you might want to check out our comprehensive guide on how to build and launch your first website in advance. How Much Does Amazon Web Services Cost? Small servers on AWS can be purchased at low prices, especially if you take advantage of longer-term plans.

If you like the idea of knowing that you are only paying for what you need, hosting on AWS makes this possible. If you are looking to run a medium-traffic Amazon site with modest resources (2 V CPUs, 8GB RAM, and 20GB SSD), you can expect to pay about $70 a month, which is still about 3x higher than GCP and industry averages.


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