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By | June 2, 2022

No Support Linux Hosting, a web hosting provider, has just announced that No Support Linux Hosting has been closed after it suffered an internal system breach. A web hosting company called No Support Linux Hosting announced today that it is shutting down after a hacker compromised its internal systems and compromised its entire operations. A web hosting provider known as No Support Linux Hosting announced that it was shutting down following a cybercriminal attack in which the hacker compromised the firms internal networks. Cybercriminals typically target websites in an attempt to extract a ransom from their victims, but the latest cyberattack on the web hosting (open in new tab) company No Support Linux Hosting took quite a different tack.

A blog focusing on piracy and digital rights, TorrentFreak, published an update saying two other web hosting providers were also targeted with a hack that had a lot of similarities. The attackers behind their respective cyberattacks may have been the same threat actor, given how close both attacks were to each other, and because both companies offer IPTV services. The hackers gave both companies, both located in the United Kingdom, a choice of closing for good, a measure to prevent them from sharing data with authorities, or paying a ransom. In a warning post posted to No Support Linux Hostings official website, the firm explained its systems had been breached on 8 February.

According to a message visible only as a archive on the WayBackMachine, No Support Linux Hosting suffered the fatal attack on February 8, 2021. What is vexing is No Support Linux Hosting said that a hacker had caused irreparable damage to the company, and that is why they were concerned about shutting down. At time of writing, the nature of the breach is not clear, we do not know whether a hacker downloaded & deleted the companys databases & backups, or whether we are talking about the classic Ransomware attack, in which an attacker encrypts files and demands a ransom to get the decryption keys.

For Linux, depending on where you installed EventLog Analyzer, the steps for starting EventLog Analyzer are the following. Note that, after a successful shutdown of your server, your connection to your PostgreSQL/MySQL database is closed automatically, and any ports used by EventLog Analyzer are released.

When stopping Appian services on another server, use the./stop -p $PASSWORD -c script command to let your service manager manage the shutdown coordination. If Appian services are on different servers, such as Kafka and Zookeeper on one server, and Engines on another, you must run all services before starting Data Service and Search Server. Try using systemctl restart service-name to restart services instead of restarting your entire system. On Linux boxes running systemd as init systemd, you can use the systemctl commands to reboot the machine.

Do keep in mind, that most of these commands will need some level of privileges, either as a superuser or using sudo, in order to run successfully, since rebooting the system is an administrative task, and on a multi-user system or a server running important processes, rebooting or shutting down is an interruptive task. Take caution when using the commands discussed in this article, since they impact system state and can potentially impact several users and services in case of an enterprise server. Changing these targets is beyond the scope of this article, but is something I covered in How to Switch Between the CLI and the GUI on Linux Servers. If you are using the GUI desktop environment for Linux like Gnome, KDE, Mate, XFCE, etc., you will find the Power button on your System/Applications menu that offers actions such as Logout, Reboot, Hibernate, or Power Off. ZDNet Recommended Best Web Hosting Services We have taken a look at some of the best web hosting providers out there, and helped you figure out how to pick the best one for your needs.


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